class pygit2.Mailmap

Mailmap object.

add_entry(real_name=None, real_email=None, replace_name=None, replace_email)

Add a new entry to the mailmap, overriding existing entries.

static from_buffer(buffer: str)Mailmap

Parse a passed-in buffer and construct a mailmap object.

static from_repository(repository: Repository)Mailmap

Create a new mailmap instance from a repository, loading mailmap files based on the repository’s configuration.

Mailmaps are loaded in the following order:
  1. ‘.mailmap’ in the root of the repository’s working directory, if present.

  2. The blob object identified by the ‘mailmap.blob’ config entry, if set.

    [NOTE: ‘mailmap.blob’ defaults to ‘HEAD:.mailmap’ in bare repositories]

  3. The path in the ‘mailmap.file’ config entry, if set.

resolve(name: str, email: str)

Resolve name & email to a real name and email.

resolve_signature(sig: Signature)Signature

Resolve signature to real name and email.